Important information for your registration
USI Wien

Important information for your registration

Start of registration

The registration starts on February 22nd, 2023 at 7:30am at the cash desk and at around 7:30am online.

Conditions for participation and registration

The following groups of people are eligible to participate in USI courses:

  • Attendees of courses at the universities, academies of art, universities of teacher education, universities of applied sciences, colleges and private universities.
  • Employees and retired employees of the universities, academies of art and ministries.
  • Academics, i.e. all persons who have formally graduated from higher education.


In keeping with general statutory regulations, the student price can only be offered to students up to the age of 24 (reference date = 25th birthday), irrespective of academic level. Recipients of a student grant from the austrian state and non-academic employees of Viennese universities are also eligible for the student price (a proof must be provided before booking the course). The prices stated are per semester. If a course takes place over the whole year, in the winter semester registration may be made for the winter semester only (price as stated) or for the entire academic year (double the price as stated). In order to register for a course for the whole year, write the letter “J” before the course number on your registration form, or select the appropriate option when registering using a self-service terminal or online. If a course takes place over the whole year, extra places may become available in the summer semester.

Disclaimer of liability

The participation in courses and the use of facilities and equipment of the Universitätssportinstitut Wien (USI) principally take place at one's own risk. Participants of courses and users of facilities and equipment of the University Sports Institute consentingly take note of the fact that the University Sports Institute is not liable for damages.

Any questions?

For further information on the registration process please contact our office at!